Fife Sports and Leisure Trust is committed to our local communities and we will be here to support your health and fitness goals whenever you feel safe to return to us. We can’t wait to welcome you back to our Leisure Centres and we want to make it as easy as possible, but we understand that not everyone will be comfortable returning straight away.  

As the Government has taken a staged approach to the easing of lockdown, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust is working in two phases, to ensure a safe re-opening and sustained hygiene moving forward. 

As a thank you for your patience and support we are giving Leisure Active Direct Debit members a six-weeks’ bonus – two weeks refunded for those who paid for March when we were forced to close doors midway through the month, and, another four weeks free for the month of October! You don’t need to do anything to benefit. If you are an annual or monthly pass member, you will also benefit. See below for further details.  

All memberships will be re-activated on the 14th of September. You will have the option to continue to pause your membership until 4th January 2021 if you do not feel comfortable coming back as soon as we open. If you wish to return sooner, please just get in touch on and we will reactivate your membership. 

Please see further detail below depending on your membership type.  



Membership information


Forever Young

Direct Debit

The good news is Direct Debit members do not need to do anything and we will restart your membership automatically, helping you to get active straight away!

As the country moves into stage two of easing lockdown, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to either come back to us now or wait a little longer: 


  • Option One – Restart membership. You don’t have to do anything; your membership access will be activated from the 14th of September and your Direct Debit payments will resume from 1st of November 2020 

  • Option Two – Continue to pause. Your membership access will be activated from 4th January 2021 and your Direct Debit payments will resume from the same date 



Continue to Pause

The deadline date for pause requests has now passed and your direct debit payments will resume on 1st November.  If you are still feeling unsure about returning to our centres, please complete the form below, along with your query/ concerns and our membership team will be in touch.  

Alternatively, if you have requested to pause but would like to return sooner, please get in touch and we will re-activate your membership.  


Pause my membership >


Annual memberships and Monthly Passes

We will honour all extensions to Annual Memberships and Monthly Passes but please get in touch with us before the 1st of November to claim your extension. If you do not get in touch with us before the end of November, your membership will not be extended.  

To let us know, please contact your local Leisure Centre reception team or pop in to see them, they are ready to welcome you safely from the 14th of September.  





Student memberships

If you have a term-time membership at East Sands Leisure Centre and have any queries about your pre-paid membership, please email  


Phased re-opening of our leisure centres

Phase 1 A Opening Phase 1B Opening Phase Two Opening Phase Three Opening
14th September 2020 28th September 2020 12th October 2020 28th October 2020
Carnegie Leisure Centre

Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre

Michael Woods Sports & Leisure Centre

Pitreavie Athletics Centre
Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre

Dalgety Bay Sports & Leisure Centre

East Sands Leisure Centre

Levenmouth Swimming Pool & Sports Centre
Bowhill Leisure Centre

Cupar Sports Centre

Duloch Leisure Centre
Beacon Leisure Centre

Remember, you can use your Leisure Active membership at any of our leisure centres but if you don’t want to start up just yet, make sure and fill out the form below.  


We've put together some frequently asked questions and answers, to let you know what changes to expect and to explain why we've had to change the way we operate our services in relation to Covid-19 regulations. 

We will be updating this section regularly as we finalise our preparations, so please check for the latest updates. 

Thank you for your patience.


Leisure Active How do I restart my Direct Debit Leisure Active membership?
You don’t have to do anything; your membership access will be automatically restarted on the 14th September 2020 and your next Direct Debit payment will be taken on the 1st November 2020, please see our full details on our phased opening dates.

I’ve cancelled my Direct Debit with the bank, how do I re-start it?
We are not able to re-activate a Direct Debit if it has been cancelled by you through your bank. Please visit your local leisure centre or our online portal to complete a new application.

I don’t feel comfortable coming back now, can I continue to freeze my membership payments?
Yes, please see our full details on our phased opening dates.

I’m an upfront payer i.e. Annual Member or Monthly Pass holder, how can I claim my lost time back?
We will honour all lost time on annual memberships and monthly passes affected by the closure period, please see full details on our phased re-opening dates.